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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Changes in life

╰☆╮First let me apologize in advance... I have recently found some new emoticons that I can use on here to add a little umph to my posts. Since this is the first time finding them I might over use them a bit... I guess this is an apology and a warning. They are really cute.

╰☆╮For those who know me, I have always struggled with organizing and cleaning. When I am faced with a mess I just stand staring at it feeling overwhelmed. I have a hard time doing anything because I can't figure out where to start. When I was a child I would be sent to my room to clean and several hours later I would get in trouble for having not finished anything. The other problem I have is focus. I can get really easily distracted sometimes. As I clean I end up looking at ever paper and getting sucked into a entirely different train of thought. I feel like the dogs on the movie "UP" who get side tracked every time they see a squirrel. 

Recently, I began reading and doing the whole Flylady thing. It has made a huge difference. Not only was I able to take baby steps to having a clean and organized home, now I am actually becoming an organized person. When things are out of place, I feel the need to straighten up real quickly. My husband, who is not good at the verbal encouragement, has been telling me how much he appreciates all of my efforts at home. He has even been bragging on me to others. I am so proud of my home and what it has become. One of the best helps has been a group of mommies on The entire group is a Flybabies group. We encourage each other and we post daily our cleaning plans. I have found that by posting my to do list on Facebook, I have been better at accomplishing what I set out to do. Another great help has been praying before I start to clean. I pray that God will help me with my attitude and that I will have a heart to serve my family, not an attitude of being a martyr. Then I turn on my worship music and I accomplish what I set out to do.  

╰☆╮Homeschooling has been going amazing. We have gotten so much done and are having a great time. I am in no way knocking public or private school, but I know that for Abbie she is learning so much more each day that she would at her old school. She really thrives off of the one on one attention. It has also helped with her jealousy towards her sister. I love that I am able to teach Abbie about God. One of her World history books teaches her about different countries and areas and at the end of the section it tells us some great ways to pray for them. I will be writing about it more in my blog on it.

╰☆╮Now that I have gotten control of my home I need to get back on the wagon when it comes to my body. I am cooking much more at home and have been drinking the breakfast shakes. I want to go back to the gym on a regular basis. I went last night and I need to go more often. I have not gained any weight and have actually lost a pound while being off the wagon, but I need to refocus. Maybe I will take the girls for a walk to the park tomorrow. 

╰☆╮Speaking of getting back on the wagon, I have decided to get back on the wagon with cutting coupons and planning a menu. I wanted to get together with a group of ladies and go coupon diving at the local recycle bins. One great site for finding deals and coupons would have to be It is a site that lists the best deals including all the coupons one needs to save the most money.  

Saturday, June 16, 2012

FlyLady...............Day 1

When I walk into a room that is cluttered and messy, I feel defeated and overwhelmed. My head spins and I don't even know where to start. I have always been this way. When I was a child my parents would send me into my room to clean, I would stand there for hours and not get anything done. To me, cleaning is an endless cycle. By the time I do clothes, clean the kitchen, and start on another room; I have to start all over again. I never have time to just de-clutter things. 

I recently realized that Abbie does the same thing. I get so frustrated at her when she doesn't keep anything organized, she takes forever to clean, and she gets distracted. How can I yell at her for begin like me? I decided to try this new way of organizing and cleaning. Today I got an audio book by a lady called "Sink Reflections" from the website of FlyLady. (Check out her site by clicking on the name.) It seemed like she was talking about me and my life. My embarrassment and anxiety about having company, especially the In-laws. She breaks things down so easily, even though all the steps don't make sense at first. So here I go... I figure it won't hurt anything. I adjusted my steps to make it work for Abbie, also. 

All the steps are free on the website and they give you suggestions, support, ect. You are supposed to add one step a day. I did a couple in the first day. 

Step 1: A Shiny Sink
I love this!!! She wants you to feel proud of something and to feel like you accomplished something so she has you clean your kitchen sink. Note, I didn't say do the dishes... She even says put the dishes on the floor, the table, the counters, anywhere but in the sink. Then, you follow her instructions to get a shiny sink. It takes a little elbow grease but it works. You only have to hard core clean it once. Everyday you start with this step for upkeep. 
My Shiny Sink
Abbie helping me to straighten the sink. 

Step 2: Dress to the Shoes
I hate this!!! She wants you to get fully dressed. As if you are leaving for work. Rinse your face, fix your hair, and put on your sneakers. 

I understand the reason for this, but I hate shoes. The idea is if you were going to work you put on shoes and get ready. There is something about being prepared that makes you feel like you need to get more done. You are less likely to just sit around if you have sneakers on. It helps physically, also. I did notice that it was easier when I had them on. I did a lot more and had more energy. She asks that you just try it for two weeks. I will see. I had to dig these shoes out. I guess they will be my cleaning shoes. 

Dressed to the Shoes
Step 3: Set out Clothes For Tomorrow

Instead of wasting time and looking for clothes each morning she suggests setting them out. That way it takes less time, there is less stress, and then you have time for step 1 and 2. 

Clothes set out.
Well, that is all for today. I will post more after I try the next steps. 

I want to be more organized because God tells us to be self-controlled. I would have more time with my kids, friends, and Titus Two girls. I would be less anxious and stressed. I am not supposed to cling onto material things. Only God should have control in my life, not a pile of old junk. I want to be a good example for my girls. 

Are you a naturally organized person? What in things in your life (spiritual, emotional, or physical) need to be de-cluttered? 

Again please check out the site... it is a little overwhelming but look at the links that are just about getting started