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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daily Blog Challenge: Day 28

What is your love language? 

I took the quiz. I didn't actually know what the five love languages were. I took a quiz to find out more. I was shocked at how well it encompasses me. My love languages ranging from the most to the least. 

Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Quality Time, Recieving Gifts 

I want my hubby to take the same quiz but I can guess what his top two would be. They are most likely Physical touch and Quality time. I am guessing these because those are the two things he often mentions. 

So what is acts of service? I would rather my hubby help me clean the house, offer to watch the girls, give me a massage, or cook dinner, than for him to buy me something or even watch a movie together. I feel loved through simple acts and effort. 

I think it is more important to know what the love language of your spouse is than to know your own. I make the effort to meet my spouses love language. I know that by just sitting next to him when he watches a movie he feels loved. He like for me to be physically close but not necessarily to communicate. 

Here is a widget to test your love language. 
Check it out and post back what your love language is. Were you surprised by it? What do you think your spouses love language is?