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Thursday, June 21, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20

Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

The splintered wooden tablet: She sat in the chair to the right of the television. Her strong spirit in a frail body. She called me over to her. I would sit by her side and watch her play solitaire on the coarse wood board embroidered with splinters. Her deck of cards sat beside her on the table until she wanted to play their worn faces. I would sit and play with her translucent skin. Moving it about, back and forth over her veins, using a finger. My Great Grandma would smile and then reciprocate by looking at my young flexible skin. Her dark black hair lay neatly on the top of her head. As the years passed so went her memory, but her ageless beauty stood strong. 

The Orange Crackers: When he, my Uncle Jerry, would show up at my Grandpa's home I knew that he had a hidden surprise awaiting me in the shirt pocket of his cotton collared shirt. He would smile as he pulled out three packs of orange crackers. They were the cheese crackers that bedded a layer of dry peanut butter. As I bit into them they crumbled leaving a trail of orange dust from my shirt onto my mouth. I remember thinking that he had such  a strong resemblance to my Grandpa. 

The Vanilla Scented Doll: My Uncle Vince was a kind man. I remember noticing that he had a beautiful olive skin tone that I was so jealous of. When he would walk in the door he would walk up to greet me. "Oh, there's my girlfriend." Those were times when it wan't uncommon for that to be said. He would always remark on how beautiful my red hair was. He once brought me a doll. She was so beautiful. Her dress flipped up to disguise her as a  cupcake. She had a vanilla scent. I loved to sniff her hair as I would comb through it. To this day I will smell a vanilla candle and I will think of my Uncle Vince.