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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Minnie Mouse cupcakes and Alvin's cake

I wanted to start by saying that this was inspired by MooCow's Desserts... It isn't a copy of what she made but I liked the idea of having a center piece and cupcakes. I am not sure how she made hers and even designed it differently but I do want to give her credit for making beautiful cakes and cupcakes. 

Minnie Mouse Center Piece and cupcakes... 
Things you need to make the Minnie mouse cake:
Rice Krispies ingredients: Bag of marshmallows, butter, rice krispies cereal,  a large pot, and a greased spoon.
Cupcake recipe: Box of cake mix, eggs, oil, water, cupcake pan, Cupcake paper, can of strawberry frosting, can of vanilla frosting. 
Design recipe: Large greased bowl, parchment paper, fondant, marshmallows, rolling pin, black food coloring paint, black food coloring, new child's paint brushes, and cherry kool-aid (or red food coloring).

I started by making the rice krispies and had a greased bowl ready to fill for the head. I also layer some out flat about an inch or two wide and used the cups to cut out ears. and I made the shape of a bow. I let them cool but would pack it tighter with my hands. (Kind of like packing a snow ball).
 I frosted all the pieces with a thin layer to help the fondant stick. 
 Follow the directions on the fondant. I bought it in the craft aisle at Walmart. You have to knead it and roll it out. There is plenty. 
Place the ears on the head and place the sheet of rolled out fondant onto the head carefully. Then smooth and make sure any extra is cut off. 
 Then I used the black food coloring paint, also found in the craft aisle of Walmart, to paint the outside of it. I didn't have any red food coloring so I used a packet of cherry kool-aid and a little bit of water in a cup to make a thick paste and painted the bow. Then decorated the bow with the black food coloring paint. 
 To make the cupcakes I painted black dots on the pink cupcakes. To make the Minnie cupcakes I just mixed the black food coloring into the vanilla icing and then iced them. I took a few large marshmallows and cut them into thin strips and placed two on each to make ears. I then painted the ears.  I took a little of the left over fondant and cut it into a large strip and then divided it into little squares and squeezed the center to make the bow shape. Finally I painted them with the Kool-aid and decorated with the black food coloring paint. 

This is the final outcome. 

Alvin's cake was a Triple chocolate cake with whipped topping, raspberries, and strawberries. 
What you need to make it: Box mix, (optional ingredients... cinnamon, vanilla, kosher salt), eggs, water, oil, large thing of whipped topping, two small containers of raspberries, and a container of strawberries. 

I suggest not making it three layers or making it four layers by cutting two round cakes in half, his cake was so big and falling over. It was so messy but delicious. 

To make you make and bake cake mix as directed. I always add a little cinnamon, vanilla, and kosher salt to the chocolate box mix because it makes it taste homemade. Let cakes cool completely. Layer a cake with cool whip, raspberries, and strawberries. Continue through the parts. Warning... the heat of the kitchen and the cakes can make the cool whip begin to melt. You might have to thow it into the fridge for a bit.