Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vlog Challenge: Favorite Song/ Lip Syncing

So todays Vlog challenge was to talk about one of my favorite songs and to show my best lip syncing skills. I was thinking of all the songs I love. I felt a little nervous about the lip syncing. Then I began to think about my cousin Amanda. We used to go on road trips together or just hang out listening to music and singing. We LOVED our boy bands... especially N'Sync. So in honor of her today I decided to lip sync to N'Sync's Drive Myself Crazy. I need to go through my stuff because I know I have pictures of us in our Grandpa's van with our headphones on and lip syncing to N'Sync. 

I have a close bond to all of my cousins but Amanda has been a sort of little sister to me. I love you Amanda. 

What is your favorite song to lip sync to? What song do you have good memories from? 

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  1. this was the jam!!! are silly. love it!


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